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A brief chronological list of events of Australia polymer banknotes issued since 1988.

* 26.01.1988 - world first commemorative polymer $10 note released;
* 29.01.1988 - all unissued $10 notes were recalled following a report on the
faulty OVD transparent window by a commercial TV station;
* 08.07.1988 - new $10 dated polymer commemorative note in folder released. Priced at $14 each. 800,000 sets issued;

* 24.10.1988 - the second released of the $10 commemorative polymer notes
, replacing the first withdrew issue;
* 07.07.1992 - the first released of the new $5 polymer notes
* 01.11.1993 - new $10 polymer notes released;

* 31.10.1994 - new $20 polymer notes released;

* 24.04.1995 - a revised version of the $5 note with brighter colour was released to made it easier to distinguish it from the $10 note that released since 1993;

* 04.10.1995 - new $50 polymer notes released;

* 15.05.1996 - new $100 polymer note released. This is the largest denomination and the final denomination of the series. Australia fully converted to Polymer bank notes;

* 01.01.2001 - released of the Federation commemorative $5 notes. This was a one off issue;

* 1992 to 2001 - NPA released numerous collectors' notes, annual folders, folder commemorative notes etc. These were released either solely by NPA or in joint ventured with other major organisations such as Australian Post, Royal Australian Mint, Telecom Australia (now Telstra) etc.

* Since 1992 - Australia released new notes (new or reprints) on a yearly basis except for the millennium year 2000. I have listed all the issues here, detailed on the right hand column. All notes released todate are displayed on this site;

* Not all denominations were issued on a yearly basis, however only 4 years that full sets were released, first in 1996, 1998, 2008 and 2013. This excludes special NPA issues of 1996 (Portfolio Notes Collection prefix 0096), 1997 & 1998 (Notes & Coins Collection ZZ97 & ZZ98) and NPA annual folders full sets issued between 1997 to 1999 (both premium and deluxe sets).
* There are no replacement notes ever printed for any of the Polymer denominations and also not all prefixes are always printed to the full maximum of 1.0M pieces.

10 June 2010

Australia 2008 $50 MD08 Last Prefix

This is the 2008 $50 MD08 last prefix (P60b), released in September 2009. If you have one in uncirculated condition, you should be laughing by now. The reason is that dealers are now selling this note in uncirculated condition for approx. $150 each, as compared to $90 for the AA08 first prefix. You might be wondering why. It’s simple. Less than 50,000 pieces of the last prefix were printed as compared to a million for the AA08 prefix. One would expect the value of this MD08 note to appreciate much faster than the AA08 note given the low mintage. This note is now been replaced by the 2009 print.

Personally, since Australia has ceased printing replacement notes to replace those rejected prints, to me, last prefix is more like replacement note and should worth more than those first prefix notes. I also note that in most cases, the quantity of last prefix notes are printed much less than those printed for the first prefix or AA notes.

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